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Terms of service:

Welcome to www.invexterra.com (“Invexterra”). The use of Invexterra is governed by the terms of service of Invexterra, LLC.

Conditions of service

1. scope of application

To use Invexterra, apply exclusively the following conditions of service of Invexterra, LLC. (hereinafter “Terms of service”). Other terms and conditions of user will not be accepted.

2 of the contract: relationship of users with third-party

2.1 the Web site of Invexterra is a platform of Internet where, a time accepted them conditions of service, the users reported can publish and use them services to its provision. The user is responsible of the content to spread. Invexterra, LLC. Le offers only the platform for the publication of your ads of their properties or advertising in Internet.

2.2 Invexterra, LLC. not is part of contracts of sale, purchase or rent, that eventually are completed or to conclude between the user and third. The celebration and the design of such contracts are strictly question of the user and the possible part contracting.

3.- users, registration and publication

3.1 basically, Invexterra services are available to all users. These will be recorded in Invexterra, LLC. When fill out the form with true data and complete form, confirming the registration through the click. If the entered data were to change, the user would be required to update them. The registration will be completed with the activation of the account by Invexterra, LLC. from which they will enter into force terms of service. There is the possibility of holding a terms of service agreement in written form.

3.2 it is possible to terminate the contract with Invexterra, LLC. at any time. To do this, simply send an email through the contact form service to customer. Invexterra, LLC. reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time with a period of 14 working days. He right of block to the user according to the section 4.3 not is seen affected.

3.3. the provision of the service by Invexterra in relation to the publication of a property or advertising comes into existence only when:

Invexterra, LLC. you have run the service, i.e. when it puts the property or advertising on line.

3.4 Invexterra, LLC. reserves the right to refuse publication of properties and advertising for users, especially when there is clear evidence that the content violates our terms of service or legal and regulatory prohibitions or are contrary to morality. Also reserves this right when Invexterra, LLC. consider that the publication, for any other reason, is unacceptable.

3.5 Invexterra, LLC. is book the right of delete accounts of user if the form of registration contained data incorrect or incomplete or when it has has State inactive for a period of, at least, six months.

4. responsibility for the content and accuracy of the publication

4.1. the user is legally responsible for the content published on our pages, i.e. all the information contained in the publication of the property or contracted advertising. This has, in turn, the obligation to describe the property (is) offered (s) way to truthful, giving accurate and complete information, as well as provide contact your company or truthful and correct personal data. The user undertakes to publish the property or properties, advertising, or ads, respecting the obligations stipulated in the conditions of service, also in the corresponding to the rights of third parties. Ads with the same content is prohibited. Companies that offer products or services are required to inform users the corresponding laws of protection and consumer protection, especially as regards the right of withdrawal, if one exists.

4.2. the user undertakes to not enter in any way in the pages of Invexterra, LLC. content that fails to comply with the terms of service, that violates applicable law or the rights of third parties or go against public decency (hereinafter “Contenido contents prohibited”).

As a user of Invexterra, LLC. It is strictly forbidden:

Violate the laws or our prohibited content policy

Act in a misleading or dishonest

Damage to the rights of third

Distribute mail rubbish or “spam”, chain messages or pyramid schemes

Distribute viruses or any other technology that causes damage to Invexterra or the interests or property of the users of Invexterra.

An excessive load on our infrastructure or otherwise violate

Interfere with the proper operation of Invexterra through:

-Copying, modification, distribution of content of publications or advertising of other users

-The copy of information of others, including addresses, email, without their consent

-Circumvention of measures aiming to prevent or restrict access to Invexterra

4.3. If there is a test concrete contents banned (see section 4.2) Invexterra, LLC. you have the right to delete or block such content, i.e., ads advertising or publication of Fraudulentas properties that contain it, warn the user or block the account of the same temporarily or permanently or to terminate the contract of use. However, Invexterra, LLC. It will respect the legitimate interests of users in a reasonable manner. A claim for refund for fees already paid will not be possible.

5 exemption of liability

The user is obliged to exempt Invexterra, LLC. of claims filed against Invexterra, LLC. by other users or third parties for the violation of their rights caused by the publication of the content of your advertising ads or properties, especially the banned content mentioned above (see section 4.2), to the extent that the user is responsible for this content. The user shall bear the cost of the legal defense of Invexterra, LLC. including all court and costs fees of lawyers, if any. In the case of a claim, it will also be forced to put at our disposal all the necessary information for the proper verification of the claims and defenses.

6 fees

6.1. the use of the actual State of Invexterra, LLC website. It is payment for registered users who wish to publish your property (s) or publish ads advertising and free to third users wanting to get a property or advertising or specific service offered by any registered user. Services and functions, as well as the publication of advertisements and properties for sale, rental or advertising agents, Invexterra, LLC reserves the right to charge fees.

6.2. all fees are shown in local currency. Invexterra, LLC. reserves the right to invoice in other currencies for technical reasons.

6.3 will be paid immediately, payment can be made through the different methods that are available on the web site. If the payment of the agreed amount is not possible, the user has the obligation to reimburse the money for expenses extras incurred, to the extent of what is responsible for the impossibility of recovery of the sum.

6.4 Invexterra, LLC. you will inform via email, to the email address you have indicated us, on new invoices that you can download.

6.5. the services are provided exclusively to legal entities (companies) which show your consent to comply with tax obligations of the the value added tax (VAT). He receiver is committed to register is before the Authority fiscal competent, to make the statement of the VAT and to pay them taxes in the date stipulated by such authority.

6.6 If you hire the services of Invexterra, LLC. and had a default in payment, Invexterra, LLC. reserves the right to stop the delivery of additional services until the payment has been made.

6.7. the rates may be modified by Invexterra, LLC. at any time, also temporarily on the occasion of certain promotions by the opening of new features or other marketing actions.

7 publication of announcements on the platforms of our partners in cooperation

Your ads can be published both Invexterra.com as well as other web sites belonging to Invexterra, LLC…

8 modification of the text of the ads

8.1. the user may modify or delete their publications at any time.

8.2. the user also has the right to request from Invexterra, LLC. the withdrawal of their content or ads of those web sites of Invexterra, LLC. Invexterra, LLC. shall comply with this request in the less time possible. Due to the technical conditions for the removal of the ads, is required usually to within 24 to 48 hours to perform the action.

9 Limitations of liability

9.1 Invexterra, LLC is not responsible in the event of slight negligence for breach of obligations.

9.2 the liability by reason of negligence by Invexterra, LLC. for indirect damages (including damages) is excluded.

10 other

10.1. the transfer of the rights and obligations of the user to third parties requires the prior consent of Invexterra, LLC.

10.2. the dissemination of data access and password of the user to any third party is strictly forbidden.

10.3 If the customer is a legal entity or a special fund under public law, stipulates Miami (United States) as the competent jurisdiction in the event of a legal dispute for both parties.

10.4 the relationship legal between the user and Invexterra, LLC. It is governed by the laws of the United States of North America, with exclusion of the UN Convention on contracts for the international sale of goods (CISG) and when there is a conflict of laws of the laws of the State of Florida.


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